Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update and apology!

OK.  I see how long it's been since I blogged last.  I'm ashamed.  I have lots of excuses, but they probably aren't very interesting to any of you.  Suffice it to say that as we got closer and closer to home assignment time, the harder it got to sit down and do it.  Plus, the internet trouble we've been having at Kudjip made it hard.

Photographic proof that we were in Hawaii.

Well, we are now on home assignment.  We left Kudjip March 12, and flew to Port Moresby, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Hawaii.  We spent about 2 weeks in Hawaii, speaking 10 times--in churches, on the radio, in a preschool, at Bible Studies, and doing a just a litle bit of touristy stuff.  We left there this past Monday evening, flew overnight to Phoenix (no, I don't understand airlines) and on to Boise, arriving Tuesday afternoon.

At the radio station with Pastor Rick Ragle
We have had a few precious hours with Amy and Sam, and with other family.  This morning we spoke in chapel at Northwest Nazarene University.  Tomorrow we will speak to a class (if I can finish this, and organize what we are going to do).  Then Friday we leave for Spanaway, Washington to spend a few hours with Drew and Andrea (our son and daughter-in-law) and then on Saturday we will head to British Columbia for a 2-week district tour.

My assumption is that we will have some free hours while we are in BC, and I can blog in more detail about some of our adventures along the way.

Here's our schedule for BC:
April 3 - Surrey (Guildford) - am,  Abbotsford - pm
April 4 - OFF
April 5 - Langley (Living Hope)
April 6 - Betel/Primera (Spanish Congregations together - location to be determined)
April 7 - Vancouver
April 8 - Burnaby (Como Lake)
April 9 - OFF
April 10 - Kelowna - am, Penticton - pm
April 11 - OFF
April 12 - OFF
April 13 - Nanaimo
April 14 - Port Alberni (Southside Community)
April 15 - Duncan (Cowichan Valley)
April 16 - Esquimalt (9:30 am breakfast meeting)
April 17 - Victoria - am