Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Last Visit

We've been able to spend a few more precious hours with Drew, Andrea and Andy. 

After arriving here in Spanaway Sunday afternoon, we went with them to worship in a park with the church body they have been attending.  We enjoyed meeting their pastor and friends.  Then today, Judy, Amy and I went with Andrea and Andy and drove into Seattle.  We met Drew for lunch at a chowder place in the Pike Place Market.

By the way, that's apple juice that Judy is drinking!

Drew went back to work while the rest of us spent some time in the market.  At quitting time we went up to see Drew's office.  It's a new job where he's been for about 3 weeks, and he loves it.  Here he is at his desk.

I'll put up a new album of photos on Facebook, too.  Tomorrow Judy, Amy and I head back to Nampa for 3 days of last-minute tasks and packing.

Friends of Nazarene Hospital

Yesterday, we spoke at Grandview Church of the Nazarene.  Technically our home assignment is over, and we are on vacation, but we didn't have any other time, and we have friends in this church.  Two couples, Steve and Linda Elerding, and Al and Carrie Fiedler have both been in PNG.  Steve is a surgeon, and Al is a family doctor. 

We enjoyed fellowship with them and the NMI council from the church Saturday evening, and then a good service Sunday morning.

After lunch on Sunday, we drove to Spanaway to have one last visit with Drew, Andrea and Baby Andy before heading back to PNG next Saturday.