Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Boys and Bob

So last week after church we were visiting with our friends Aden and Wiley, and ended up inviting them over to the house for a little while. The big attraction at our house was that the new Chief of Storeroom Rodent Security was visiting us for the weekend. The storeroom was new to him, and he likes to be around people, so Judy thought that it was a shame to make him stay on the job the whole weekend.

One problem was that the new CSRS didn't yet have a name. So Aden and Wiley came over and visited with him for a while. Aden asked about his name, and Judy explained that he didn't have one yet, and perhaps he could suggest a suitable one. He immediately suggested "Bob." So Bob it is. Bob, CSRS.

Bob is now fairly comfortable in the storeroom. He has learned to use the facilities properly, and is quite happy sleeping among dusty boxes. And the word is starting to spread in the rodent community that their days of unlimited free run of the storeroom are limited. It may be a few weeks until he's ready to take out the biggest ones, though.

After the visit we walked Aden and Wiley home, visited with their parents and brother Noah a little bit, and sang the Kudjip Station Birthday Medley to their mom, Jill.

In the photo Jill is with Erin Meier. You can read more about Aden, Wiley and their brother Noah here.

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