Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friend Injured in Haiti Earthquake

I suppose that by now you are aware of the earthquake which has git Haiti. We are thankful that all Nazarene personnel are safe.

A young friend of ours has been serving there with an organization that is related to Free Methodist World Mission. She is Kattie Zook, the granddaughter of the founder of Whitehorse Family Medicine, in Arlington, Washington, where I practiced for 11 years prior to coming to PNG.

The building where she works collapsed. Katie was trapped in the basement for several hours before being rescued. She was treated for a pulmonary contusion and a hematoma in her leg at the UN hospital, then evacuated to the US Navy hospital at Guantanamo Bay, where she was at first said to be stable, then later deteriorated. There is now a plan to transfer her to Miami urgently.

One national member of their staff there is confirmed dead, and three people (I'm not sure if nationals or missionaries) are still unaccounted for.

She was in school with our kids in Arlington, and then attended NNU. She's between Amy and Sam in age. She has had a love for Haiti, and made many (6 or 8) short-term mission trips there through high school and college, and has been very excited to serve there on a more prolonged basis.

Please be in prayer for Katie, for her mom and dad Greg and Dawn, and her grandma Renie.


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  1. We are praying for everybody in Haiti right now!! Especially Katie! Cam