Saturday, July 17, 2010

Being There

So, we spent a week high in the Bismark-Schrader mountains.  Judy and I were at Dusin for the full week, and Jonathan and Sam spent 3 of the days in Gebrau.

The first photos are of Dusin from the air.  You can compare them in the photo in the last post.  You can spot the house just off the airstrip.  Unfortunately, my photo software at the moment doesn't provide for drawing, or I'd add an arrow or a circle.  Also, note how many more houses are around now as compared to 1970.

The third picture is just a face to represent all of the great people we visited with during our time there.  More details later.


  1. Loved reading your blog! Your life in "Paradise" is inspiring. Especially enjoyed your focus on prayer and your heart for the mission field. You can encourage others to pray for missionaries by posting the prayer request below to your blog's side panel.

    Many, many blessings!
    A Mom

  2. We are so glad that Sam was home this summer and got to Gebreau.