Friday, April 6, 2012

Surprise Message

Two great organizations that work together ("wok bung", as we would say in Pidgin) to support the work of Nazarene Hospital are Hands of Hope Northwest, in Nampa, Idaho, and Nazarene Hospital Foundation, in Medford, Oregon.  HofH has a great ministry gathering medical supplies that are useful to hospitals like ours.  NHF acquires a variety of supplies, medicines and equipment specifically for our hospital here.  They partner together--Todd at NHF orders supplies and equipment from HofH, and then includes them in the containers he ships to us.

Our daughter, Amy volunteered at HofH for several weeks a couple of years ago.  Apparently, one day she was packing a box that she knew was headed for Kudjip, and obviously thought of her mom.  Judy manages the medical store room here, and her responsibilities include receiving the containers of donated supplies that come, unloading them, then sorting, distributing and/or storing the supplies.  Amy knew that there was a good chance that her mother would handle the bag of suture that she was packing.

We got a container from NHF a few weeks ago (see story here), but it wasn't until several weeks later while unpacking a box from HofH, that Judy found this note.  What a sweet blessing, and reminder of Amy's love.

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  1. What a great gift! I'm sure the Lord made sure you received this message just when you needed it. How sweet of Amy to think of writing that note!