Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In the Hoosier State

I've been meaning to ask someone what the origin of "Hoosier" is. I don't know, but I know that we're here.

Since our last report, we've been with several friends. After Gettysburg we spent a night with Tom and Lois Staton. Tom is an ENT surgeon, who has come to Kudjip as a volunteer 8 times, and will be coming for the 9th time in July. We were joined for dinner at the Statons' by Dan and Karen McClean; Karen is the mom of Jill Riggins, our fellow missionary at Kudjip. Jill is in turn the mother of the famous child bloggers, Aden and Wiley.

On Tuesday (oh my, that's now over a week ago--I'm slowing down) we drove on to Danville, Indiana. We're staying in the home of Mike and Nancy Pyle (sorry, no photo), who have also been to Kudjip twice (Mike is a surgeon). Nancy was here for a few days, but needed to re-join Mike, who is teaching at Olivet Nazarene University this year. Their daughter Katie lives here, but is away at work and busy with wedding preparations much of the time, so they have given us the run of the house. It's a wonderful, relaxing place to stay. We'll still stay over night at a couple of the farther-away churches on the district, but mostly we'll be here.

Mike and Nancy have several bird feeders near their window. I've been sitting there with my camera at the ready. I'll show a sample of my success.

In the next day or so I'll give you a sumary of our deputation services so far.


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  1. I remember Tom and Lois. . and Karen and Dan! Please give them all my love! Glad you are never at a loss for friends while traveling around here (as if that were ever even a possibility!)