Sunday, August 23, 2009


Tom has tuberculosis in his central nervous system. At least we think he does--we have no way to prove or disprove it. He was admitted several weeks ago (before we got back from furlough), was treated with TB meds, and got a lot better. He was transferred to the TB.

A couple of weeks ago he had a setback, and developed seizures. He was still very weak, especially in his legs, and couldn't bear weight at all. This week he has improved a lot, first shakily standing for a few seconds while held both his hands, and then by Friday walking a few steps without holding on at all.

As he has gotten to know me, he has gotten a lot more comfortable with me, and interacts a lot more. He smiles and seems happy to see me when I come on rounds in the morning (unlike many who cry, hide or ever scream when they see me coming).

I'll probably transfer him back to the TB ward tomorrow. He'll need to stay on TB treatment and the seizure meds for several more months.

He's not a kid who likes to wear clothes, and at his age that is quite acceptable here. He's dressed a little more formally for the second photo.

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