Wednesday, March 31, 2010

General Superintendent Visits Talipes Clinic

Here at Kudjip, we get a visit from a General Superintendent about once a year.  They always have a lot to do, meetings, problem solving, conducting district assemblies, etc., so they don't have much time on their hands.  So for one of them to take the time to tour the hospital, and then to stop and take in interest in what I'm doing was a little surprising.

A few weeks ago, we had our annual visit from a GS, this time Dr. Jerry Porter.  In my experience, the GSs that I've gotten to know at all have all been humble, gentle men and women, not self-important or arrogant at all.  For those of you who aren't Nazarenes, there are six GSs, each elected for a four-year term.  They divide the world up, and take turns being responsible for each part, two years at a time.

Dr. Porter took a tour of the new hospital--he's the first GS to visit since we moved in.  They did the tour on Thursday which is the day when I have my talipes (club-foot) clinic.  Dr. Porter stopped, watched me casting a kiddo's foot and asked questions.  When I saw him again at a meeting that evening, he commented that he had Googled talipes, and read up about it.  He asked a few questions about my work.

Finally, I can't resist adding a photo of Dr. Porter holding Noah Riggins.  He and Noah seemed to like each other--I think Dr. Porter  was missing his own grandkids.

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