Sunday, March 28, 2010

Operation Warm Baby

Imagine you are very poor.  Imagine you are going to have a baby.  Imagine you have no money to buy any needed supplies for a newborn, not even a blanket to wrap this new life in.

Last year over 1100 babies were born at Nazarene Hospital.  Some mothers came in prepared to take care of their new baby but many came with nothing.  In some cases the baby was wrapped in a paper disposable sheet after birth. 

How could we help?

Nazarene Hospital Foundation stepped in!  These supporters of Nazarene Hospital came up with an idea for a baby pack that could easily be given to new mothers - a zip lock bag filled with diapers, pins, plastic pants, onesies, sleeper, socks, hat, and soap. We called it "Operation Warm Baby" and spread the word about our need.  Little did we realize the floodgates of compassion that would be opened!

Our church has a program called LINKS which is short for "Loving, Informed Nazarenes Knowing and Sharing".  Our request was put on the unofficial list of needs.  People began responding and sending.  It was a huge response to our need!

Now we are able to give each woman who has a baby in our hospital an "Operation Warm Baby" pack!  Many of these women have never received a present in their life.    Some women cry when they receive this gift for their baby.  They cannot imagine anyone caring so much about them.  What a privilege to give in the name of Jesus!

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  1. Hello from KC! So glad Operation Warm Baby is going strong. Thank you for being Christ's hands and feet to the littlest and their mothers. Peace to you,