Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Prodigal Ring

I found my lost wedding ring . . . on someone else's finger!  Here's what happened:

Six and a half years ago it was stolen from our house.  I resigned myself to the loss, thinking it had probably been sold at the market and was now on a grandma's finger in a village somewhere.

We kept meaning to buy new wedding bands--Andy had lost his in a hospital laundry in Montana years ago. 

Last week, as I was walking to work, I stopped to talk with one of the nurses.  The sun shone on the ring on her finger making the diamond glisten.  It attracted my attention and I looked down at it.  I looked again.  I gasped--it was my wedding ring!  I quickly explained this to my friend and assured her that I knew she had not taken it.  It had probably passed through many hands before a little girl gave it to her little girl.  She graciously gave it to me saying she felt bad that she had not known it had belonged to me before!

Thirty-five years ago Andy had chosen the ring for me.  It's pretty special to have it back on my finger again!  I am amazed at the sweetness of God!  Just that morning I had prayed, "Lord, help me see your presence in this day".  Hard to miss it!


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