Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dinner in Paradise

Dinner guests tonight were volunteer surgeon Kevin Kerrigan and his wife Leslie, and our new hospital chaplain, Pastor Moses, his wife Lucy and their 2 youngest boys, Exodus and Israel.

In 2004 Pastor Moses was helping to repair a vehicle that belongs to our CBHC (Community-Based Health Care) program. Someone else hammered a metal part, and a chip flew up and penetrated his left eye. There was no eye doctor in the area at that time, but some weeks later he was able to travel to a place where he could see an ophthalmologist. He then learned that the vision in that eye was permanently lost.

When he returned home, his family urged him to demand compensation (equivalent of a lawsuit) from the church. But he refused.

"To ask for compensation, you have to ask for compensation from someone. Who would I ask? The church? The church is me. The district? The district is me. CBHC? CBHC is me. Jesus gave his blood to buy me--these eyes already belong to him. If I have vision in only one eye, that's his problem, not mine.

"Now that I've become chaplain here, this eye (gesturing to the right one) has seen wonderful things as people respond to the gospel."


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  1. Wow- what a humble and insightful perspective. Praise God.
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Alison