Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two Little Ones

Yep, that's right. No photo. The resolution was a post a day, not a photo a day. And besides, there are some things that I can't photograph.

Two children died here today. A little girl (about 4) was behind a coffee truck that was parked along the road, and tried to run to her mommy who was across the road. What better, safer thing could a child do than to run to her mom? Well, not across "the most dangerous highway in the world." The driver of the passing car had no time to react. He stopped (which is a brave and dangerous thing to do at an accident here), and brought the child and her mom and a couple of other relatives to the hospital. I'm sure that she had died the moment the car struck her.

The other was a boy about the same age. He was admitted to our pediatrics ward 2 days ago, and went down hill quickly. He appeared to have some sort of encephalitis, but we don't have the diagnostic technology to tell for sure, or what organism may have been causing it. He had stopped breathing earlier, and Dr. Erin Meier had revived him. An hour or so later his breathing stopped again, and I was the one they found first to come and help. Sadly, there was no response to our efforts, and I had to tell a second set of young parents that their child was dead.

I believe in the salvation of innocents, so I believe that these children are happy and in heaven. But I feel for these parents, and the long years of thinking about their kids, and wondering about what might have been. Every time something like this happens, my imagination runs through scenarios involving each of my kids at the age of the child involved. I know that I can't fully empathize, but I know that it would hurt terribly.

Please pray for these young parents, along with brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and grandparents. And pray for us as we minister in these tough situations, that we may be vessels of Gods grace.


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