Friday, April 10, 2009

Lingering Memories

I couldn't resist leaving you with one more image of Orcas Island. This is the view from the living and dining rooms and from our bedroom. It changes constantly with the weather and the time of day. We could see the ferries coming in and out (the dock is just below us and to the left). Every room in the house has a view of something nice--trees, rocks, sea or sky. Rabbits scamper (scamper is something that rabbits do well) in the yard, and occasionally deer wander by.

The house is a 15-minute drive from East Sound, a village with nice shops full of artsy stuff that we can't afford but like to look at, and restaurants that range from basic fish-and-chips to high-end gourmet. Another 10 minutes takes you to Rosaria Resort, which sadly is no longer operating as a resort. On this former estate, the main building is a 100-year-old mansion, which is now open to the public just to look around. The current occupant is a musician named Christopher Peacock, who on Saturday evenings gives a concert in the house's music room. This is a 2-story high room with a 1900 Steinway and a pipe organ. I'll throw in a slightly under-exposed photo of that, too.

So, thanks Mark and Elizabeth for a wonderful week in your beautiful house!

So, we're back in Nampa, and have a fairly quiet week ahead getting ready for a trip "back
East" to Pennsylvania and Indiana.



  1. Orcas Island sounds beautiful! I've yet to spend much time on the East coast, so maybe that's a place I should plan to visit in my lifetime! Have a Jesus-filled Easter!

  2. Too bad you're not traveling by car - Nebraska is awfully beautiful this time of year :) At least you'll get the aerial view. Take care and enjoy your "time off"!

  3. Andy And Judy We enjoyed your time with us I liked tha picture of Orcas island so much that now it is my desktop
    thank you
    Denis Frederickson