Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Missionaries

The long-awaited Kerr family arrived yesterday! Dave and Rosie, along with Grace (age 6) and Anna (age 4) have been on their way for many months. There have been major hurdles in getting Rosie's medical license, their work permits and visas. They will be living at Ninge, at Melanesia Nazarene Bible College, where Dave will teach. Rosie, who is a doctor will work part-time here at Kudjip.

Today they started their village experience. This is intended to be an immersion language- and culture-learning experience. Judy and I drove them to Mondomil, which is where she and I did our village experience almost 7 years ago. Little has changed there in that time, except for the availability of cell phones. When we were there we had to plan and wait for the scheduled time slot on the radio network, if we wanted to check in with the folks back in Kudjip.

We stayed long enough to share lunch and a cup of coffee with them, and then left them there to fend for themselves. Of course, the greatest danger to them is English speakers. Several of the people up there like a chance to practice their English, which tends to spoil the Pidgin practice for the new missionaries.

There is a small collection of photos here.

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