Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Optimism on A-Ward

There are two kids on A-Ward (pediatrics, my current ward assignment, along with Dr. Becky Wallace) who have had me a bit worried.

Tom was originally admitted sometime before I got back from furlough. He obviously has had an infection of some kind in his brain. Whether this is caused by a virus, a bacteria, or even TB is something that we can't prove. Virus and TB are prime suspects. He's getting TB medicines. There is nothing except supportive care and time for the viral infections.

He was treated in A-Ward, and then when he improved a lot, he was transferred to the TB ward. I first met him when he took a turn for the worse, started having seizures, and was transferred back to the A-Ward. Since then he has gotten first better than worse again. He has times of vomiting and severe headaches. Until a few days ago, his legs have been so weak that he hasn't been able to walk or stand.

Last week he started bearing weight on his legs, and then taking a few hesitant steps, mostly holding on to the side of the bed or to someone's hand. In the last few days he has taken a few steps at a time unsupported.

Imagine my shock when I walked into the ward this morning to see him walking around near his bed! My shock and loud praising of God startled and embarrassed him, so after that it was hard to get him to come out for a photo, but I got the last one here. The other two have been taken over the past couple of weeks.

Please pray for Tom. He's not out of the woods yet, but it's fun to see this progress.

I'll tell you about the other kid in the next day or two.


  1. just wanted to tell you that tom was again doing great today. walking around, smiling and saying hello.. what a cutie! continuing to pray for God's healing!! have a safe flight and a great time in singapore.

  2. Thanks for keeping track of him! If he goes anywhere before I get back, get photos. Also Jepe, please.

  3. Thankful to hear of Tom's progress. Will be praying for his continued healing.
    Jennifer True
    Gracepointe Indianapolis