Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Correction and Update

I had her name wrong. The little girl I wrote about yesterday. It's "Beanca." I think. Her oxygen saturation this morning, without supplemental oxygen was 93%. That's as good as mine. As this was my day for working outside the hospital, I had a nursing student take charge of my oxymeter, and promise to go back every couple of hours through the day. I saw the student this evening, and she said that the saturation has stayed in the mid-90s.

By the way, I checked her chart this morning. The saturation was 57% at admission, not 67% as I said yesterday.

Well, tomorrow, assuming that nothing changes, I'll be forced to discharge her. I'll have her come back often for rechecks.


  1. I am just now reading your post about this adorable little girl, but apparantly you didn't need my prayers this time :) Glad she is doing so well.