Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Outpatient Department

We're just 2 weeks away from the actual move into the new hospital. Earlier this week we had a doctors' meeting in the new Outpatient Department. We talked about the layout of the various rooms, and about how the patients will move through the department. Many things will certainly be different than in the old hospital--architecture affects function, and the architecture is quite different.

We will have a facility that we don't have in the old place--a procedure room within the Outpatient Department. We don't have previous experience to refer to in this, so we are all trying to imagine how it will work, what supplies we will need, and what we will do there.

Another difference is that the new OPD is quite separate from the new ER, not adjacent as it is now. This will mean that most of the time one of the doctors will be working full-time in the ER.

Judy came along for the meeting because she is involved in moving supplies into the new rooms, arranging cupboards and drawers, and so on.

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