Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Cute

You know by now that I need no other reason than pure cuteness to post a picture of a baby. This one has won my heart. Her name is Ceana, and she's in the hospital because she has severe congestive heart failure. As is usual, we can't pin down the cause, but we have hope of getting a diagnosis in the future.

In the meantime we're treating her as best we can. She was admitted with an oxygen saturation of 67% (that's very, very low, for those of you who don't know about such things). This morning her saturation was 89% without her oxygen. That's just a little bit low, if you're keeping score. If we can't get it any better, she could live with that for quite a while, but I think she'll improve more.

In a few days I'll have to discharge her. That's a good thing, except that I won't get to see her every morning!

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