Thursday, November 12, 2009

Five Years Ago

Five years ago tonight, she was hurrying to get to the hospital. She was in labor with her second child, and had waited just a little too long to leave her house here on Kudjip Station. As she reached the top of the "Hydro Hill Road" she realized that the baby was about to come. She didn't want to give birth right under the security light, so she headed for the deepest shadows she could see--in our front yard.

The baby came just fine. What was the point in going to the hospital now? Well, I can think of several points, but she couldn't, so she headed back down the hill to home.

She and her husband had already decided to name the baby in honor of Judy if it was a girl, and it was. Ordinarily names aren't given until the baby is a month or more old, but we were about to leave for our first furlough, and they wanted to tell us before we left. So the day after the birth, her husband came to our house to tell us about the baby.

Today she's five, and very proud of the birthday cake that "big Judy" made for her, complete with candles!


  1. That's nice. You make memories for those little people who may not have good memories if you hadn't been there to minister to them.

  2. Thanks. Happily, little Judy comes from a warm, loving family, and I'm sure that she will have plenty of great memories, including this one.

  3. What a great story! Thanks for your blog to keep us updated. Love, Nancy