Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Last Day

Well, that's it. This afternoon at about 4:30, the last patient left the Outpatient Department at Nazarene Hospital. His name was Barry Lapango. He had been seen by Dr. Scott Dooley--what it was about I don't know, and if I did I wouldn't tell you. The OPD is now closed until Monday, when it will reopen in it's new beautiful facility.

The ER is open, but only to stabilize life-threatening emergencies.

Tomorrow we will round on our wards, thinking about each patient, and how they can best be moved to the new ward. For most, it won't be a difficult problem. Most can walk, or be wheeled in a wheelchair. A family member will walk along, carrying their personal belongings, or maybe an IV flask. A few will be more complex, needing to be carried carefully, or wheeled on a gurney. Some will need oxygen, which will be provided from a tank wheeled along side by a nursing student. We'll write appropriate orders for each one.

Then we will hang out waiting until we get the ward for our ward to start moving. They will go, one at a time, but one closely after another, each accompanied by a staff member, first the maternity ward, then medicine, peds (my ward) and finally surgery. Surgery will have some of the trickiest patients, those in traction. I don't know how that will be done, but we'll see.

There will be nurses both in the old ward and in the new one until all patients are moved. Oxygen tanks or concentrators will be available on the new ward to receive the patients who need it as they arrive. We don't have all new beds, so in many cases the bed will have to be moved at the same time as the patient.

This evening there was one more event marking this time of transition. You see, the sidewalks of the new hospital are great places to skate and ride bikes and scooters. The MKs have loved doing this. But when there are patients in the area they won't be allowed to do it any more. So this evening they had one last ride.

The first photo here is of Mr. Lapongo leaving the Outpatient Department. More of my photos from this afternoon are here.

The second is one Judy took of the Last Ride. There are more here.

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