Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

I promised more details, and here they are.

Our flights were from Mt. Hagen to Port Moresby on Saturday, to Brisbane (Australia) on Sunday, to Sydney and then on to San Francisco and Boise on Monday.

Drew, Andrea, Amy, Sam and Denny (my brother-in-law) were there to meet us, along with 2 of Sam's college friends. We drove straight to my Dad's apartment, where my sister Cammi was waiting and spent some time with there before going out to supper.

Then we went on to our apartment, kindly provided by Cammi, Denny and Denny's mom, Marge Ellis. It's a very nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit in a large appartment complex. It's modern and clean, and everything works! Sadly, there's no internet connection there, and it's too expensive to justify getting it at the present time. There is internet at the apartment "club house", but it closes at 6 PM. Anyone who knows me very well knows that this is not highly compatible with my life-style! But between that, my sister's house, and the occasional coffe shop hot-spot, we'll get by!

Yesterday (Tuesday) we went to get our Idaho drivers' licenses. We learned that we had to take the written test. Not feeling ready to "wing it" we went away to study near-by for a couple of hours. We didn't want to go home and back the next day, because it is pretty out of the way for us, and we had to depend on someone else driving. We went back a little later, arriving at 4:03, just to learn that they don't give the sritten test after 4:00! So we went home, studied some more and went back today and passed just fine. Now we can drive the Suburban that Denny has loaned to us!

I worked out with Sam and a friend at the university gym this afternoon, and Judy is out shopping with Amy. So, everything is pretty much right with the world for the moment.

For those of you who don't know our family, the top photo is me with my dad, Al Bennett, age 91. The second photo is Sam, Judy, Amy, Drew and Andrea.



  1. you look a lot like your dad..i bet it is nice to see him. also, love that all of your kids were there together! what a blessing.

  2. Drew--Who says I can drive? I just memorized a few things from the driver's manual!

    Becky--Thanks! If I can BE like him, not just look like him, I will be happy!