Saturday, February 14, 2009

Across the Valley

It's Saturday, and this morning Judy and I took a drive across the Wahgi Valley to CLTC, the Christian Leaders Training College, an interdenominational Bible college. Several of the faculty there are our friends, and we'd been invited to lunch at the home of Jeff and Suzanne Graf. We had a walk around the campus, including to the top of "Vision Hill" which affords a sweeping view of the valley. We were sure that we'd be able to see Kudjip, if we knew just where to look. My camera has a built-in panorama feature, so I took the above.

But just to keep the human element, I proped the camera on a fence post and used the timer to take this one:

Then home to a quiet afternoon and a Valentine's Day supper. Roast chicken, baked potatoes and peanut salad. All with my favorite valentine.



  1. nice that you have a "collection" of sermons. I guess that fits in with what Paul told Timothy in 2 Tim 4, about being prepared in Season and out of season. (when does the "out of season: come?)
    Glad you get to do that from time to time!
    That clubfoot treatment is amazing. LIke you say, the parents have to pitch in, and I guess that is the toughest part, when they don't keep up their end of the program, and then the kids suffer as a result!
    Glad you had a nice valentines day with your favorite valentine! WE cooked for our church for a dinner on Saturday, so I took my valentine out on Friday nite, and we got to listen to live music as well!
    take Care
    Jeff Maguire

  2. Jeff--Yeah, I imagine the more attentive people in a few of these churches are starting to catch on. I don't keep records of where I preach which sermon, so I suppose that I have duplicated once or twice. I need to get some new ones written.

    Maybe next Valentines day you guys could come over, and we'd take our valentines "out" together! I'd show you ways to cook a pig that Texas ain't never seen! You guys could add a unique option to your menu!