Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mixed Emotions

It seems that so many days have their shares of both joy and sorrow.

First the sad story. Today, early in the afternoon we had a fairly violent rainstorm, with strong winds. In an nearby village an elderly woman was in a house with a teenage girl and three small girls. I believe that the small girls were grand daughters of the old lady. I don't know the relationship of the teenager. A large tree was blown down on the house trapping all five inside. Men worked with axes for almost 2 hours to get enough of the tree cut away to free the victims, 3 of whom were still alive, with only minor injuries. The two smallest girls were dead. The family brought them all to our ER. The three living victims were admitted for treatment of their injuries and observation. I promised the family that I would ask my friends back home (that's you) to pray for them.

Then the happier story. New life. In the evening I was called to help Dr. Becky Wallace with a cesarean section. A healthy baby girl was the "outcome" or our efforts. Here we are working away. The scrub nurse is Margaret Mugang.



  1. We will pray for the family that lost those little girls. I cannot imagine the loss.

  2. The child that was admitted went home this morning. The grandma and teen girl were doing better, but I wasn't satisfied completely, so they'll probably stay until tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday.