Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Two Boys With Two Hats

I got to spend a few quality minutes with my friend Wiley Riggins this morning. He's been feeling a bit shy of me lately. His family has just been back from home assignment in the US for a few weeks. Before that we hadn't seen each other since he was a little baby. We decided to try on each other's hats. I think we both looked pretty good. Wiley and his brother Aden have a nice blog that you should check out.



  1. Andy and Judy,
    I got this link through Corinna Hunter's face book profile. I'm not sure if you will remember me but my name is Lynette Morris (well now and for almost 30 years Lynette Oliver). I was a teen when you were the youth pastor in Grand Coulee. I am really enjoying your blog and ministry in PNG. Anyway just wanted to reintroduce myself.

  2. Lynette: Great to hear from you! Please email me at