Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ruth, unlike most of the names I use in my blog, is this lady's real name. I use it with her enthusiastic permission. Today Judy and I went to visit, interview and photograph her in preparation for using her story as part of our deputation presentation when we are in churches during our upcoming home assignment.

Ruth has AIDS. She is an active member of one of the near-by churches, and is a vibrant testimony of God's grace and provision. She is leading an active, happy life.

To hear the "rest of the story" you'll have to come hear us speak sometime during our home assignment!



  1. Andy and Judy we are excited about your visit to Marysville.
    Denis and Sharon Frederickson

  2. The thing that struck me most about Ruth was her smile... she really seemed joyful! I don't know if I could be that joyful in her situation.... Thanks for letting me and Q tag along with y'all.

  3. I didn't mention in the blog that Danielle and Quinton Schmelzenbach came along with us when we went to meet with Ruth. They were (as always) a lot of fun to have along.